Product Wall Clocks Specifications

hOurStyle painting - ideal as gift idea


We use high-resolution digital images in producing this product. This gives each clock a realistic appearance.

We cover the wood fully from the front and on all four sides. This results in the paintings having an eye-catching “3D” effect when viewed on your wall. The frame-less and fully covered wrapping gives a natural look when viewed close up as well. Our proprietary (unique) processing on the laminated photo paper is different from the conventional inkjet method and oil-based painting. Our processing has no unpleasant painting smell after completion.

hOurStyle wall clock is made with the finest quality material


We covered the back of the wooden base with a tight layer of black textured sticker. This elegant layer adheres to the back making the clock wall hanging a modernistic and stylish work of art. The laminated photo paper is closely adhered to the wooden base by machine-powered pressing that removes all bubbles left by the hand pressing. Both layers are tightly pressed together. This is permanent and will never peel off. This durability makes it the ideal wall decoration for your home or office.

hOurStyle painting - ideal as gift idea


* Base made of high-density compressed wood
* Strong and durable, with thickness of 1.8cm
* Moisture-tolerant and anti-distortion
* Solid touching feel, great as gift presentation
* Favorable to the ecology.


Photo Paper

* High gloss photo paper.
* Smooth surface for exceptional gloss values.
* Brilliant image quality.
* Premier color intensity.


* Anti-glare lamination material.
* Comfortable to touch.
* Water-resistant.
* Clean with damp cloth and mild detergent.
* Dry with soft cloth.



* CE certified.
* Operates on one AA battery.
* Finest quality.
* Absolutely silent.
* Pointer color-matched to painting.
* Pointer tip glows in the dark.
* Stainless steel axis.



* Sturdy.
* Reinforced protection at the corners.
* Sealed in a plastic bag then in a box.
* Delivered at a specific, pre-arranged time.
* Safe delivery guaranteed.

Care instructions

* Wipe with damp cloth and mild cleaning solution.
* Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

Special Information

* Lamination process may slightly alter the color.
* Minimal color changes are to be expected.
* This makes your clock picture unique (one of a kind).

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