Business Model for hOurStyle

When we just started our venture into business, we have selected the hOurStyle as our flagship products. These modern art Paintings & Clocks stunned us with endless creativity and ideas to light up any home, with any style you like.


However, we were posted with 2 major challenges pretty soon:

Challenge #1.
How do we stock so many designs in our limited and expensive warehouse space in Singapore


Challenge #2.
How do we show so many designs to our customers, yet making sure that all designs are available all of the time


After months of thinking and planning, we know that we got to do something different here. Our business model got to be unique, and we could only claim that we offer endless style to your home.


To overcome challenge #1, after months of planning, we have built our business model on JIT (Just-in-time) inventory management methodology. We establish a direct inventory order system with our manufacturer to manufacturer the order within 2-3 days, and a cost-effective logistic chain to support this low volume delivery from our manufacturer direct to our customers within another 2-4 days.


We have essentially removed the need to stock the painting, and it is no longer our problem to stock 1000 designs in our warehouse. The cost savings are transferred to our customers directly, and that’s why we could offer more choices of hOurStyle product at 30% cheaper than current retail prices.


The answer to challenge #2 is therefore obvious to us – an online-based company. We do not keep our own brick-and-mortar store as it is essentially meaningless to us. We offer online order and direct delivery via reliable local courier company. We never have to worry about rental, and choosing the right courier partner makes us confidence in giving more guarantee to our customers.


Right now, we have made it possible. You will never ever get a reply from us saying that any particular design is out of stock.