Installation Guide - Unique Wall Clocks

Installation with the standard accessories (screw)

1. Look out for the hanging slot at the back of the wooden base – it is about 2.5cm below the top edge (Center). Both openings (holes) at the side are about 1cm in diameter.

Back view of the wooden base (before padding)

2. Place a nail (At least 4-5cm into the wall), or drill a hole on the wall to insert a nut / wall plug (4-5cm depth as minimum). The nail / nut cap should be about 0.8cm in diameter to fit well into the openings at the side.

3. Hang the painting / clock by inserting the nail / nut cap into the slot. If the nut cap is larger than the slot – insert it from the side of the slot where the opening (or hole) is largest in size (1cm in diameter).

4. Adjust (left or right) for the painting to reach a horizontal level.


Installation with the Easy Picture Hanger

Easy Picture Hangers are 3rd party accessories (Original 3M adhesive), available for hOurStyle customer to purchase as optional items, who prefers not to drill into the wall for screw hanging.

Installation guide of Easy Picture Hanger

Note: hOurStyle recommends Easy Picture Hanger as a 3rd party accessories for small / medium size hanging, for the convenience of our customers. This 3rd party accessory has been tested under controlled environment for hOurStyle product, however, due to the different wall surface and paint quality on the wall, hOurStyle is not able to guarantee on the product durability, as such, hOurStyle warranty does not cover any damage directly or indirectly caused by the usage of Easy Picture Hanger. Please use the product at your own risk.