1. How do I place order?

> hOurStyle.com is a secured e-commerce site with integrating Shopping cart to Paypal payment processor for secured transaction, including credit card. You could easily add the selected design(s) to your cart, Checkout and select one of the 3 payment methods (Bank transfer, Paypal fund or credit card, or Cash on Delivery) upon order confirmation.

2. We would love to have a 3-piece Square set. How do I decide which dimension to order?

> For a wall space between 0.8 to 1.5 meter, we recommend 28 x 28cm x 3 piece set (Small)
> For a wall space between 1.5 to 2.1 meter, we recommend 36.5 x 36.5cm x 3 piece set (Medium)
> For a wall space between 2.1 to 3.5 meter, we recommend 46 x 46cm x 3 piece set (Large)
> For a wall space between 3.5 to 5.0 meter, we recommend 60 x 60cm x 3 piece set (Extra Large)

3. What is your bank account for the payment?

> Our OCBC bank account is 695-727917-001 (for oversea transfer: Bank code 7339, Branch code 695, Type: CURRENT account). You could either make direct ATM transfer from your POSB/DBS card, or to initiate a fund transfer via Internet banking of your POSB/DBS/UOB/OCBC account.

Alternatively, if you have paypal account, you could send the payment to paypal@hourstyle.com.

You will need to contact us if you wish to pay with credit card. We are using Paypal gateway to process your credit card securely without storing any of your credit card information on our server.

4. How much is the delivery charges?

> We are having a free-delivery promotion for non-urgent delivery (2 weeks) to local address. Please click here for the fee structure.

5. Do you have a gallery for us to visit?

> Currently we are operating solely online base so there is no gallery available for product viewing. We have been in the business for the past 5 years, with good feedback on our products. We would like to invite you to visit our Facebook page to read more about our customers' testimonial before you make your purchase decision.

6.  Could we meet up for the delivery and payment within Singapore?

> Yes, if you prefer, we could arrange for self-collection at our office address at Maxwell / Tanjung Pagar. This is a good option for you if you are sensitive about the courier delivery timing, as the courier delivery might be delayed / postpone in some cases due to traffic condition, or unexpected delivery volume of the courier branch office.

However, as most of the delivery lead time goes to the production arrangement, having a self-collection usually will not speed up the available date. We have Express order service ($25 surcharge) if you need the order urgently.

By the way, we have just launched a Free-Delivery promotion. You will never need to worry about pricey delivery charges. Cash on Delivery payment option is available with a small surcharge (S$5) imposed by the courier company.

7. How long does it take for the ordered product to be delivered within Singapore?

> We will start processing your order within 24 hours after receiving your payment. In another word, it will not take more than 2 weeks from the day of order payment, until the product is delivered to your address in Singapore under non-urgent order. We could accommodate urgent delivery request (3-5 days), or standard delivery (7-8 days) as well.

8. I don’t quite like the current size / position / colour of the clock face design in the published catalog. May I request for changes?

> Yes, we are able to provide customization service. Upon request, we could work out the draft design for your review before collecting any payment. This is a chargeable customization service, which will cost $9 to $28 depending on the complexity of the customization. Please kindly include your request in the order form, and our customer service will contact you with the actual surcharge, for your consideration.

9. What is so special about your shop? Why can’t I purchase the same product from the local gift shops?

> It is simple – we could offer much more designs as an online shop without the physical as well as cost limitation in a brick-and-mortar shop that you are familiar with. To find out more, please read more about our business model.

10. What do I need to do if the received product is damaged or not the one that I have ordered?

> We will advise all our customers who received unsatisfactory products to:

a. Take a photo on the product, together with the packaging of the product (in the original condition from the courier company as much as possible), then

b. Drop us an email at postsales@hOurStyle.com, attach the photo and briefly described the condition of the item(s) to us.

c. Our well-trained customer service officers will usually get back to you within 24 hours, with advices or arrangement on exchange / refund.

11. I like one particular single-piece design within in 2-piece or 3-piece set. Could I buy only 1 piece instead of the whole set?

> Yes definitely. Please indicate clearly in your order along with the Product code for the 2-piece or 3-piece set. We will send the invoice as a single piece order accordingly.

12. How durable is your art prints and clocks?

> This series of art prints and clocks are extremely durable and our suppliers have been selling in various markets, including Japan and Europe for more than 3 years. There is no reported failure or complaint on the product quality. To find out how we did it, please take a look at hOurStyle product specification.

On top of that, you could rest your mind with our 6-month-warranty and post-sales service.

13. I am interested in bulk order, or to join you as a distributor. Is there anything for me?

> Sure! We think it is best for us to discuss on this over the phone directly. Please drop us an email with your contact number to sales.sg@hourstyle.com, and we will give you a call back shortly. Please be assured that special arrangement can be made to cater to your needs.