We are a Singapore-registered business entity STAVIAZ PTE LTD (Reg. No. 201626100N), who specialized in internet / mail order online retailer.


We, hOurStyle offer an innovative wall clock that is combined with an original, modernistic painting. This timepiece incorporates a quality made wall clock into a one, two or three panel painting suitable for the finest homes in Singapore. These are a series of paintings and painting-based clocks that is designed with high definition digital images and high-quality material. There is a style to suit everyone’s individual taste, and brings a whole new concept of home decoration to our customers.


Your home is enhanced when you add one of these wall art décor paintings to it. There are a thousand styles to choose from. Shopping is convenient. These clock paintings make the perfect online wedding gift. We keep all paintings in stock to be conveniently available to our valued customers. We invite you to contact us with any questions about merchandise or packaging or delivery. Our superior paintings are carefully packaged to arrive safely at your door at a time convenient to you.


Each clock is quality made for long lived endurance. This product is customized to the extent of the clock pointer being color matched to the painting. Nothing is left to chance as we do all we can to make your wall clock the perfect addition to your fine home. If you prefer to enjoy the painting without the clock, we could present the wall painting without the pointers to you upon request.


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We are glad to hear from you. Please contact us if you need any help. We warmly invite you to find out more about our company and our unique business model on how we ensure the 1000 designs never go out of stock!



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